Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spilling Ocean

This was my 3D Design Final and one of the most fun pieces I got to do all semester! In this instillation, I created the waves from three different types of yellow fabric (2 different types of felt and 1 laced fabric). I cut the fabrics into different width strips and then hot glued wired to the inside, double siding the waves with fabric. The box that the waves are spilling out of was made from foam core board. It is an entire cube minus one side. The idea was derived from the waves first. I made one and then another and then another! I couldn't decide what to do with them, but they definitely looked like an ocean. I used yellow because I didn't want it to be "water" to everyone, I wanted whoever looked at it to get their own interpretation. I created the box so that it would have a motion feeling that flowed from the box and spilled out onto the surface and rushed down the side. I wanted it to be semi-mysterious in "why was the "water" yellow", "how much is in the box", and just multiple other "why" questions. Either way, I wish I had a better more white place to take photos of it, but never-the-less I had a great time creating it.