Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This is created from oil pastel and foam board. There are 5 different layers. Layer one (bottom right square), layer two (bottom left square), layer three (top left), layer four (top right), and layer 5 (frame). Each layer has its according amount of foam board making a 3D piece. I really loved doing this piece. The funny part about this is that I created the 4 window squares and originally had no intention of making the frame. But when I had finished them I didn't want to stop with the design and I thought it was just "missing something". So, I made the boarder and had a wonderful time trying to figure out how it would extend if they were all touching.


These are characters from my imagination that I have wanted to do in a piece for ages. They are made from found paper and found images. I was going for more earthy tones and "flower power".