Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spilling Ocean

This was my 3D Design Final and one of the most fun pieces I got to do all semester! In this instillation, I created the waves from three different types of yellow fabric (2 different types of felt and 1 laced fabric). I cut the fabrics into different width strips and then hot glued wired to the inside, double siding the waves with fabric. The box that the waves are spilling out of was made from foam core board. It is an entire cube minus one side. The idea was derived from the waves first. I made one and then another and then another! I couldn't decide what to do with them, but they definitely looked like an ocean. I used yellow because I didn't want it to be "water" to everyone, I wanted whoever looked at it to get their own interpretation. I created the box so that it would have a motion feeling that flowed from the box and spilled out onto the surface and rushed down the side. I wanted it to be semi-mysterious in "why was the "water" yellow", "how much is in the box", and just multiple other "why" questions. Either way, I wish I had a better more white place to take photos of it, but never-the-less I had a great time creating it.

Abstract Bridge

This was one of the pieces that I think came out the best in my 3D Design class during the spring of 2012. The bridge had to be entirely constructed from one 3x4 piece of foam core board, span a width of 36 inches, and be able to hold two very large bricks without breaking. My bridge did all that! It could be any design that we wanted and I chose to go with an abstract, mod bridge. I wanted to be able to see the bridge spokes through the openings and have it uneven (most bridges are symmetrical). I loved this project and I would most definitely do it again


These are two patterns that I created using the paint tool on Photoshop. I wanted to allow my viewers a chance to see a more close up, detailed version of the patterns that I created. One was modeled after a butterfly wing - zoomed in of course - and the other has my favorite animal on it (an elephant) and was created to emulate an Indian patterns. I loved making these patterns and I really could do it all day! I have so many crazy shapes in my head that I need to let loose :)

Circular Trees

This was my first piece that I completed using the Photoshop program. I took a digital editing class during the spring semester of 2012, and before the course I had never even touched Photoshop. This piece was not created from pre-existing images. I used various tools on Photoshop to paint this piece.

Henri Matisse Inspired

These two are some of my favorites that I have done so far in USC's fundamentals art courses. The object was to paint two pieces that were "copying" our favorite artist's style but only using black and white acrylic paint. My favorite artist is the fauvist Henri Matisse, mostly because of his wild color pallets and the ability to capture the spirit within the objects he is painting. The colors I was able to used posed a problem when trying to emulate Matisse because all he uses is color! So, I tried to make my black and white pieces feel like they were supposed to be originally in color. To make it feel, even though it is in black and white, that color was bursting from the canvas. I also tried to paint in a free and loose Matisse way that I found to be very fun and liberating.

Boxes Still Life

This was the first assignment in my basic drawing course and was definitely a wake up call that I needed to practice drawing more. It was more difficult that you would think, getting the angles right just about killed me! It was done with charcoal and I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out...but it's missing something. A back leg perhaps?! haha


My favorite fruit is pineapple and when we had the assignment of drawing whatever we wanted this is what i chose. Needless to say, I didn't realize they were so hard to draw until I actually started. There were so many nooks and crannies that I had to pay attention to. Each section of the pineapple is just as important as the last!

Solo Cup Party!

These were done in my basic drawing course during Fall of 2011 with graphite. It was very fun for me to hone in my on drawing skills. I had to be very systematic and use math skills to make the cup look realistic and not skewed!
This first piece is an original design by me :) but done with colors going from warm to cool across the work. This was done with acrylic and was difficult because it is rather small (5x5) and my hand was definitely not steady enough.
The second piece was also done with acrylic and is 5x5. This was done with a ray of colors from one section of the color wheels. Being able to add white and black to the colors allowed me to get a range of variation within my piece.


The first windmill was based on color exploration. The object of the assignment was to discover the relationship that one color has on many different colors when it is next to it. You can see that even though the yellow-orange is the same color all throughout, it has a different feeling and changes when next to various other colors.
The second windmill was based on one color that was added with its compliment, white, black, a neutral gray and a color of my choice (I chose magenta). This is the second piece of my color exploration. By using this I was able to discover many different elements of the color green. Both of these pieces were done with acrylic paint!

Negative/Positive Space

These are two versions of negative and positive spacial relations done with India ink. These actually were very difficult because it was hard to distinguish between what was the different spaces, especially on objects that were round and did not have flat planes. I would be interested to try this style again but perhaps with a self portrait or of animate objects.

The Horseshoe

This was done during the summer of 2011. It was done with ink pen and was a textural drawing of my favorite lookout spot on the Horseshoe at USC.

Gesture Drawings

These are two gesture drawings that I did during my summer classes of 2011. The object was not to draw what we saw but to draw how the object moved in its still pose, to get just the "gesture" of both the gardenia flower and sunglasses. It was done with charcoal! :)