Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last AP Piece

This is my last official concentration piece. which i am more than extatic about. It was inspired by the levi jean tag i found in my car. yet another one for my concentration! It was created from card stock, card board, twine, tissue paper, string, miscellaneous paper objects and imagination! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This is an image i took myself AND photoshopped. i know, i know, im ingenious. I needed to add some more images toward my breadths because i dont quite have enough. I thought that editing this photo would show all my abilities as an artist. I do not photograph much but I loved how my camera (not a very good one might I add) caught the grains of sand wiping through the air. The little piece of dried seaweed looks deserted and dead and my cousin's face in the background makes me feel like there is no hope, as if everything is decaying and becoming destroyed, or desolated.

Concentration 003

This is one of my favorite pieces. I found the bicycle image on the cover of a Gourmet magazine 6 months ago and couldnt let it go in hopes that i would one day use it. This piece is also part of my concentration. To create it I used found images, string, buttons, and tissue paper.


This piece was inspired by my little sister Emma and one of my favorite cities ever; Paris. I dont usually use pink in my work so this was a big leap of faith for me. Overall, i think the usage of the oversized button really worked. I used found images, string, tissue paper, card stock, and buttons in creating this piece.