Sunday, August 15, 2010

Doing Paint

This is the first piece ive done since school let out. i needed to paint or create it was crazy how much i missed it. but the canvas i used was an old one that i had painted about 7 years ago. I used basic acrylic paint and i loaded it up on the canvas and propped it up overnight so it would drip and do its own thing. then the next day i had filled in places where i wanted more color like the blue parts and white parts. then i cut squares (3 of them) and painted them in the same style as the background. i load a circular sponge up with paint and dabbed it in the wet paint of the canvas and on the dry parts. i painted on posterboard the same way as the canvas then cut it into strips and pasted it on the board. the LIQUITEX the whole thing to give it a finished shiny look.