Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Homemade CD

Hello all! I am visiting a friend soon and we are exchanging cds. The inspiration for making the entire case from scratch came from my lack of case yet abundance of bristol board. I designed the album art all by hand, wrote all the names of the songs on the inside by hand, and created the cd sleeves too. You can see how I created enough space to allow myself to attach a sleeve. It took a lot of thinking but I finally got the design down pat. The full demesions are 5.5 inchx 5.75 inch (when closed) and colored with pen and prismacolor. It's entitled "The Album" to be boringly humorous.


  1. Madeline! This is SOOOOOOO awesome! Teach me your ways! I really love this. Where do you get your inspiration?!

  2. theyre just little doodles!...and possibly my lack of being able to create anything slightly realistic? lol but thank you darling :)